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We are what we eat 

apfel1December 2016 - March 2017

Where comes the tasty honey from?

What about the life of a bee?

What´s the job of a beekeeper?

Anna – Sophie and Valentina gave us all the answers 

and we were allowed to taste different sorts of honey !

 What a fine lesson!! (4a)

We start healthy into the new year 


Healthy Eating and Drinking in school-break time

In our school we have in every class, on one chosen school day, a very healthy snack which is taken in the morning break time.

One child is requested with the help of parents to bring from home slices of bread, butter and different tasteful spreads for all the pupils in the class to eat. Every other child brings in a small Tupperware type box with fine sliced fresh fruit or sliced raw vegetables, also healthy nuts and raisins.

Parents are also invited to help the class teacher as everything is set out onto tables to make ‘a mouth watering’ buffet. 

In the extended break time the pupils are invited to choose what they like and how much they wish to eat. “Hmm, it tastes lovely, especially the home baked bread”, which is sometimes baked by very busy, caring and loving mothers.

Drinking water daily is also a very important project within the Healthy Eating Theme

In every class there is a dedicated board which holds a full class set of coloured plastic beakers for the personal use by each pupil to drink water as often as the child chooses. In addition every pupil has a personal ‘Drinking- Pass’ to record each time when a quarter litre of water has been drunken, [up to 2 litres]. So pupils can observe their own daily water consumption and learn to prefer drinking water instead of sweet juices. Activly doing this regularly pupils are learning ‘self hydration’ and additional ‘personal dental care’ with their own responsibility for healthness.

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